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About WhatsApp Messenger Apk:

With presence in over 186 countries and over 1.8 million active users, WhatsApp is without a doubt the most popular and most widely used instant messaging platform out there. The WhatsApp Messenger application was initially launched on the iOS platform in August 2009 and then was launched on Android later in August 2010.

GBWhatsApp Apk Patch With Product Number DownloadSince its launch, the WhatsApp Messenger has grown up to become the most used instant messaging platform all around the world as is equally used by people belonging to all age groups and even by business.

The popularity of WhatsApp Messenger led to Facebook Inc. acquiring the application and its company for $20 billion US dollars, the largest acquisition by Facebook till date. Despite being owned by Facebook and having an immensely huge user base, This is the reason most WhatsApp users tend to install and use third-party WhatsApp Messenger app on their Android devices. Even though there are quite many third-party apps for WhatsApp available on the Android OS, GBWhatsApp Apk Crack Application is the most renowned third-party WhatsApp client for Android.

What is GB WhatsAPP APK (GBWA)?

Being a MOD version of the official WhatsApp app, it also means that the GB WhatsApp APK is not developed or released by the official developers of WhatsApp, i.e, WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Inc. is in no way responsible for the functioning or releasing of the GBWhatsApp application on Android.

File Info:

  • Name GB WhatsApp
  • Type APK
  • Version 9.30
  • Supported devices Android, PC & iOS
  • Rating 4.8
  • Size 45.5MB

GB WhatsAPP APK Key Features:

  • Privacy options that let you hide/disable features such as blue tick, double tick, last seen timestamp, and so on.
  • Schedule messages to be sent to contact of your choice at a future instance of time.
  • View status updates of your WhatsApp contacts without letting them know that you have viewed their status.
  • Set automated replies to messages that you receive via WhatsApp.
  • Send broadcast messages on WhatsApp groups that you are a part of.
  • Customize the look of your WhatsApp Messenger app menu and messages with colors of your choice.
  • Find starred messages that are revoked.
  • Send videos with size up to 50MB.
  • Create names for WhatsApp groups with up to 35 characters.
  • Hide option “is typing” notification.
  • Easily translate messages to the language of your choice.
  • Unique emojis that can be customized as well.
  • Copy status messages of WhatsApp contacts to clipboard.
  • Add up to 600 contacts to your WhatsApp broadcast group.
  • Support for over 100 languages, this additonal feature is available from 2018
  • Disable voice and video calling options, this option only available in gb whatsapp.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) mode option is available.
  • Create customized chats.
  • Hide individual chats with pattern & pin lock.
  • Ability to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that you haven’t saved in your contacts.
  • Option to pin any number of chats as per your choice without any sort of limitation.
  • WhatsApp stories will be displayed in list form.
  • Change the font and appearance of messages within the GB WhatsApp.
  • Anti Ban feature which will prevent and protect your WhatsApp account linked with the GB WhatsApp APK
  • from receiving temporary or permanent ban.
  • Stream online option to view any media before downloading them on your device.
  • Send up to 90 to 100 images at once to any WhatsApp contact or group of your choice.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp APK:

  • User interface and overall app experience is identical to the official WhatsApp application. If you have ever used the original WhatsApp app for Android, then you will feel right at home with GBWhatsApp for Android.
  • You are provided with an unmatchable level of customization options and features that are not found in the original WhatsApp APK. If you are someone who loves customizing and personalizing the apps you use, then you will love GBWhatsApp as well.
  • Be the boss of your own privacy with the user-friendly and highly controllable privacy controls and settings that are featured within the GBWhatsApp APK.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp APK:

  • Using GBWhatsApp comes with its own risk of receiving temporary or even permanent ban from the official WhatsApp Inc.
  • company on your WhatsApp account. However, the ban issues are rectified within the latest GBWhatsApp APK files so you will no longer face ban issues if you are using the latest GBWhatsApp versions.
  • But for people using the older version of GBWhatsApp, temporary ban threats are an issue.
  • Unlike the official WhatsApp application, you will not receive automatic app updates for GBWhatsApp.
  • With the original WhatsApp APK, the latest app updates will be automatically detected, downloaded, and installed on your device whenever they are made available on the Google Play Store.
  • However, as the GBWhatsApp APK is not available in the Play Store, you will have to manually check for

GBWhatsApp Apk Patch With Product Number DownloadHow To Download & Install GB WhatsApp APK For Android?

We all know that to download and install on android mobile, we need to follow some basic steps. I have provided the detailed information below, and please follow the step-by-step process to install APK on Android.

Download GBWhatsApp APK file. The file is directly stored on your mobile data from the above-located button. Check if the APK file is successfully stored in the file manager folder. Now click install the application from the file manager folder. It will ask you to enable unknown resources. The unknown resources are something the android mobile allows to allow the third-party app. Once you enable unknown resources, the application will start installing on mobile. Wait for the process to complete once the APK installs successfully. Enter your mobile number to get OTP (One time password). After receiving OTP, please enter it. And your WhatsApp profile is created. Now you can enjoy texting with your loved ones.

How to Download and Install the Latest GBWhatsApp 2023 APK on Android?

If you wish to download and install the latest and official GBWhatsApp APK version on your Android device, then below is a detailed tutorial on how you can easily download the GBWhatsApp APK on any Android device of your choice and install it for absolutely free without any hassles.

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Official:

The GBWhatsApp APK and official WhatsApp (original) are both nearly identical applications that both function as excellent app clients for the WhatsApp instant messenger platform.

The method of installation and setup, sending messages, receiving messages, sending and receiving media or any other data and files are exactly the same between both the applications.

The notable differences when considering GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Official comes in terms of the additional features and functionalities that are available within the GBWhatsApp application which are missing from the official WhatsApp Android application.

Update to the Latest GBWhatsApp version:

As mentioned above, the latest versions of GBWhatsApp are ban-proof thus protecting your WhatsApp account from temporary ban threats even if you are using the GBWhatsApp application.

Therefore, if you were using an older version of GBWhatsApp and received a temporary ban, wait for the stated ban period to complete, and then update to the very latest version of GBWhatsApp and you will then be protected from any future temporary ban risks.

Is It Possible to Use Both WhatsApp Official and GBWhatsApp APK on the same Android Phone?

For those wondering whether it is possible to run both the official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp application on a single Android device, the short and sweet answer is Yes!

You can comfortably run both WhatsApp official and GBWhatsApp application on any Android device of your choice. However, you won’t be able to use the same mobile number to run WhatsApp on both these applications within the same device.

This means that if you have a single mobile number and wish to run both the WhatsApp official and GBWhatsApp application on the same device using the same number, then it will not be possible. Even if it becomes possible, then there are high chances of your WhatsApp account getting a temporary or even permanent ban for attempting the same.

How to Create Backup on GBWhatsApp for Android?

Creating backup of text messages and media files on your device is really important to make sure that you do not lose any important data while using or updating GBWhatsApp APK. To make it easier for you to create frequent backups, below is the easiest guide to create a backup on GBWhatsApp for Android.

  • Launch the GBWhatsApp application on your Android device.
  • Find the three dots that are vertically placed at the top right corner of the WhatsApp window and click on the same.
  • When the dropdown menu appears, click on the option labeled as “Chats”. Within the options under Chats, click on the one that says “Chat backup”.
  • GBWhatsApp will now create a backup of all the data present till date within your GBWhatsApp account.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete successfully.

And that is it. You have now successfully finished creating a backup of all the data present on your GBWhatsApp account and the backup file is stored locally on your Android device. To restore the backup you created, you will have to reinstall the GBWhatsApp APK on your Android device and restore the most recent backup while setting up your GBWhatsApp account.

GBWhatsApp Apk Patch With Product Number DownloadHow to Update GB WhatsApp APK on Android?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, you will need to manually update the GBWhatsApp application installed on your device if you wish to update the application.

If you are unaware about how to manually update GBWhatsApp APK on Android, then follow the steps below.

  • First of all, create a backup of the text messages and media files present on your GBWhatsApp application.
  • Now, uninstall the GBWhatsApp app from your device.
  • Download the latest GBWhatsApp APK file from our website Install the downloaded APK file just as you
  • installed GBWhatsApp initially (steps to install are listed in a different section above).

And that is it. You have now successfully updated GBWhatsApp on Android.


Using a third-party application gives you more features, and there are no limitations for this application like the original WhatsApp. Compared to other apps, this is safe and secure. Your data will be encrypted end to end, and there is no doubt in using this application on any device.

GB WhatsApp APK is a wonderful application that has many options. recently WhatsApp has announced the best application in the world many users communicating with the help of WhatsApp application.

I hope I have provided complete information on what I have researched. Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding GB WhatsAPP. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with a resolution. To get more information about APK apps, please visit our home page APKFasak and get more applications.

Installation Instrcution:

  1. First of all, enable installation of apps from third-party sources on your Android device.
  2. To do the same, launch the Settings app on your device and click on the “Security” option.
  3. Within the Security menu, click on the slider and enable the feature that says “Unknown Sources” which allows the installation of apps from third-party sources and manual installation on your device.
  4. If you are prompted with any pop-up messages while enabling this option, click on the “Trust” or “Allow” option that appears with the message.
  5. Now, click and download the latest and official version of the GBWhatsApp APK on your Android device.
  6. After completing the download of the GBWhatsApp APK onto your device, utilize any file manager app of your choice and navigate to the downloaded file from within your device. Once you find the APK file, tap on it once.
  7. When you click on the APK file, the installation of the GBWhatsApp application on your device will begin automatically. If you are prompted for any permissions, grant the same.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete successfully.
    After the installation procedures are completed, you will be able to see a new GBWhatsApp app icon that looks similar to the official WhatsApp app icon placed within your home screen or the apps menu where all the apps installed on your device are present.

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